Tuesday, July 19, 2011

granny carries on so....

I am up to 20 rounds. I am pretty sure that I will have this done on time for Oskar's 5th birthday (can't believe that!) on September 27th. A little over two months. It is a little slow going right now. I have been soooo tired and I have been working on Julie's bag and her house warming presents as well. Too many projects and too much real work. Not nearly enough time for hook and needle or for the little mens either. Here is Oskar's Granny at 20 rounds. Starting to think about borders... and then onto Hank's blanket.

Not the best picture taker, I know and not the best lighting but...documented none the less. I promise that when I get it all ready for its big Tah Dah that I will photo with camera, not phone, and outside it better lighting!

1 comment:

  1. Your giant granny is looking good! Have fun working on it.