Sunday, July 24, 2011

either I can not count...

or I am the world's slowest crocheter. How can I have only added 5 rounds since the last post! But here is Big Boy granny in all her (or is it his) glory! I am having so much fun working on this and I love thinking that crocheters around the world are working on the same thing! very cool! If you look closely (or maybe you can see them right away) there are many mistakes but there is something comforting about that. I have always loved homemade and something that has those mistakes shows that it is the real deal. Plus, I know that I made the mistakes on accident but I have been told that the Amish always put a mistake in their quilts since only God is perfect and where I am not the most religious person, I LOVE that idea. It is comforting and forgiving.

Crochet is the first thing I have taken up or done that I really don't care whether or not I make mistakes, I am just lovin' the doin'! Hope next post shows many more rounds --

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

granny carries on so....

I am up to 20 rounds. I am pretty sure that I will have this done on time for Oskar's 5th birthday (can't believe that!) on September 27th. A little over two months. It is a little slow going right now. I have been soooo tired and I have been working on Julie's bag and her house warming presents as well. Too many projects and too much real work. Not nearly enough time for hook and needle or for the little mens either. Here is Oskar's Granny at 20 rounds. Starting to think about borders... and then onto Hank's blanket.

Not the best picture taker, I know and not the best lighting but...documented none the less. I promise that when I get it all ready for its big Tah Dah that I will photo with camera, not phone, and outside it better lighting!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Giant Granny Square Challenge

I have joined the Giant Granny Square Challenge at Le Monde de Sucrette! This is my first time joining a group and having a go. Here is my progress so far. Not much but I am getting there. This will be for Oskar's room. I love the idea of making him another little cuddly something. I made him a quilt while I was in the hospital waiting and hoping he did not come early. Then I made him a couple of sock animals (not my best work). Now a big boy granny! That is what I should have named the blanket, Big Boy Granny! That has a ring to it...Anywho he has helped me pick some of the colors and I love that he loves it!

Julie's Lucy Bag

Since I have been crocheting, I have been obsessed with Lucy at Attic 24 and I know that if any other crocheters stumble upon my blog, they will understand or at least know about Miss Lucy. first real project that I did was a Lucy at Attic 24 crochet bag, see here for Lucy's bag and here is Julie's. This is my second project so cut me a little slack but I am fairly pleased with my little hooky self. I just need to finish the strap and add some flowers and then...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

the beginning...well close to the beginning

I started to crochet in November, 2010. Right away I loved it and right away there was more I wanted to make than I could ever have found the time. A colleague of mine, Julie (Red Berry Crochet) is the one who has taught me and I can never thank her enough!  I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! Crochet is the greatest think since peanut butter. So I decided to start this blog because I saw how many great blogs that were out there that I love! Another think I did not really investigate until the past 6 months or so. Who knew blogs were so cool. All I thought they were was the ramblings of others but it is a plethora of crafty,
crochet-y goodness! So I am in love, love, love, love -did I mention love? So I will be posting pictures of WIPs and FOs and all the yarny things that I want to make, and own and some other lovelyness as well!